Monday, October 21, 2019
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The DOJ says its official wouldn't have met with the President's attorney had it known some of his associates were being investigated
The DOJ says its official wouldn't have met with the President's attorney had it known some of his associates were being investigated

Lindsey Graham does not rule out the possibility of Trump impeachment if new evidence emerges
In another sign of the dangerous predicament facing President Donald Trump, his longtime ally Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said in an interview that aired Sunday night that he could not rule out the possibility of impeachment if new evidence emerges.

Analysis: Trump must get it together to avoid another bad week
Donald Trump is under severe pressure after a disastrous run which saw his impeachment defense shredded by current and ex-officials and, most stunningly, by his own acting White House chief of staff.

Republican jitters grow over Trump in 'turning point' week
Here are the stories our panel of top political reporters have on their radar, in this week's "Inside Politics" forecast.

Cooper: Trump does this when he's blocked on something
CNN's Anderson Cooper breaks down President Donald Trump's response after the Supreme Court ruled a citizenship question could not be included on the 2020 census.

Former head of whistleblower program: Trump confused criminal trial with administrative procedure
Former Executive Director of the Intelligence Community's Whistleblowing Program Dan Meyer says that President Donald Trump is confusing an administrative procedure with a criminal trial.

Trump's playing Russian roulette
By withdrawing US troops from Syria, President Donald Trump is playing a kind of Russian roulette, entrusting dangerous players with key US national security objectives.

Tapper to Buttigieg: Why aren't Democrats standing up for Gabbard?
CNN's Jake Tapper asked Democratic presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg to weigh in on former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suggesting that Russians are 'grooming' fellow 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard for a third-party run.

West is paying the price for supporting Hong Kong riots: Chinese state media
Chinese state-run media has published a series of editorials and opinion pieces drawing parallels between violent protests in Hong Kong, Spain and Chile -- accusing the West of hypocrisy in its response.

Cupp: This 1 issue could undo Trump
SE Cupp says President Donald Trump's Syria policy is one of the only issues that has prompted swift criticism from the Republican party, and argues it may be the one issue that could put his presidency in danger.

Nancy Pelosi's brother, a former mayor, dies

Pelosi and congressional delegation make secret trip to Afghanistan
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a congressional delegation have concluded an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, Pelosi's office said Sunday evening.

The mysterious view Kim Jong Un doesn't want you to see
North Korea has blocked windows in several high-rise buildings in Pyongyang in what experts believe is an attempt to crack down on spying. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Missing girl seen following man in surveillance video
Police have released surveillance video in which a man is seen approaching missing Alabama 3-year-old Kamille McKinney while she played outside her family's housing complex on the night she disappeared.

A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says
A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, the military academy said after military, federal, state and local agencies conducted extensive searches to locate the man.

Felicity Huffman photographed in prison
• Official: Some who pleaded not guilty in college scandal may face more charges

Victim was urinated on while racial slurs were hurled at them, police say
Two New Jersey teenagers face multiple charges after someone was urinated on and racial slurs were used at a high school football game, police said.

PG&E might shut off power across 17 Northern and Central California counties later this week
Less than two weeks after California's largest utility shut off power to hundreds of thousands of customers to help prevent a wildfire, it says it may leave parts of the state in the dark again.

Canada's election will be a cliffhanger
Nasty. It is not a word associated much with Canada -- except perhaps with the winters here. But during this election campaign, nastiness has been one of the only unifying themes, as parties trade insults and dig up scandals from coast to coast to coast.

Why some say Mexico already built Trump's wall -- and paid for it
• Amid mounting drug war deaths, Mexico's President sticks to his strategy

Tornado touches down in Dallas
A tornado touched down in Northern Dallas Sunday, according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

A 2-year-old was killed and an 11-month-old shot in the head this weekend in Philadelphia
A 2-year-old girl was fatally shot in the back of the head and an 11-month-old is in critical condition after two separate shootings in Philadelphia this weekend.

Jennifer Lawrence ties the knot
Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney have officially tied the knot.

Asexuality isn't celibacy or abstinence. Here's what it is — and isn't
Being asexual in a culture where sex permeates nearly everything can be challenging.

See emotional moment coach disarms student
In Oregon, school security cameras captured the moment a high school football coach disarmed a student who brought a loaded shotgun to school. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports what led to the coach's quick-thinking in that moment.

A man named Tupac Shakur was arrested on meth possession and other charges
Police in Tennessee arrested a man named Tupac A. Shakur, 40, after they say he pulled a knife on them and was found with methamphetamine.

Flooding unearths bear skull that's at least hundreds of years old
Two sisters kayaking on the Arkansas River this summer made a historic find — a huge bear skull that is hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Jennifer Garner shares mammogram video
Actress Jennifer Garner took viewers with her to get a mammogram. She's encouraging other women to get yearly breast cancer screenings.

Tom Brady says Netflix cameo wasn't a shot at Patriots owner
Tom Brady is defending his cameo in the Netflix series "Living With Yourself," saying the media is creating a "blame and shame" culture.

Family makes a bloody discovery in basement
An Iowa family is left in shock and forced to evacuate their home, after discovering blood from a neighboring slaughterhouse seeping into their basement.

How authorities caught a 23-year-old running a global child exploitation site from his home
For almost three years, "Welcome To Video" was a covert den for people who traded in clips of children being sexually assaulted.

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Prince Harry acknowledges tensions with brother William for the first time
Britain's Prince Harry has acknowledged tensions with his older brother Prince William for the first time, saying they are on "different paths."

Harry and Meghan to take 'family time' off
Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, will take a break from royal duties towards the end of the year, dividing their time between the US and the UK, a royal source has told CNN.

Meghan, holding back tears, says, 'Not many people have asked if I'm OK'
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex gave a rare glimpse into her personal life when she admitted that she has struggled to deal with the repercussions of being a new mother in the spotlight.

Prince Harry gets emotional during speech
The Duke of Sussex teared up as he recounted his wife Duchess Meghan's pregnancy and the birth of the couple's first child, Archie.

Opinion: As a new mom, I found Meghan's interview gut-wrenching
On Friday, ITV news released a clip from an upcoming documentary which showed Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, holding back tears as she acknowledged the challenges she's faced as a newlywed and mother in the spotlight.

Exercising before breakfast burns more fat, study says
Should you eat before or after exercise in the morning? The debate has raged for years.

What constitutes a healthy breakfast?
Holly Firfer gets healthy ideas from a registered dietitian on what a good breakfast should be.

Breakfast around the globe
From eggs and sausage in Germany to ackee fruit paired with cod in Jamaica, take a look at photos of delicious breakfast meals around the globe.

50 of the world's best breads
What is bread? You likely don't have to think for long, and whether you're hungry for a slice of sourdough or craving some tortillas, what you imagine says a lot about where you're from.

The largest indoor theme park in North America opens this week
All your favorite Nickelodeon characters are coming to New Jersey.

Scientists freak out over sea feast
A team of researchers stumbled upon a "whale fall," a carcass of a baleen whale, during a live-streamed deep-sea dive. Incredible video shows a wide variety of sea creatures feasting on it.

How the black turtleneck came to represent creative genius
When the disgraced health entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on fraud charges for her lab-testing company Theranos last year, much of the media discussion rested not on her alleged corporate recklessness and staggering abuses of trust, but on her sartorial choices: black jackets, black slacks, and -- most importantly -- black turtlenecks.

The teenagers so addicted to cellphones they're going to detox centers
It was 4 a.m. when 16-year-old Yoo Chae-rin realized she had been on her phone for 13 hours. In less than three hours, she had to be up for school.

Stocks would rally if Trump quits, Wall Street firm predicts
Wall Street could learn to love a President Pence.

Analysis: Not all recessions are a crisis, and the next one won't be as bad as 2008
Recession fears are on the rise in the United States. Memories of the last downturn are exacerbating these worries: The last time America faced a recession was in 2008, as the financial crisis was unfolding. Millions of people lost their jobs, GDP growth plummeted and businesses shut down.

Sales of tiny Coke cans are soaring. Here's why
Good things came in small sizes for Coca-Cola last quarter. The company reported sales that topped forecasts, thanks in part to a double-digit increase in volume for its 7.5-ounce mini cans.

Kik app won't shut down after acquisition
The messaging app Kik was on the verge of shutting down, but a holding company, MediaLab, bought it and will invest in its future, the company said.

World's largest brewer says rival tried to steal recipe
Anheuser-Busch InBev has accused rival brewer Miller Coors of obtaining the secret recipes for Bud Light and Michelob Ultra, the latest shot in a long running legal dispute.

Delaying Brexit could prove disastrous
This past spring, I first taught a new freshman seminar titled "Imagining Europe," focusing on the shifting geographic, political, economic, social and cultural identities that constituted Europeanness.

With a baby in the NICU, I lost my job
"Back then, you had to be married for nine months before delivering your baby or your maternity insurance wouldn't kick in."

'The Righteous Gemstones' skewers pro-Trump evangelicals' real-life hypocrisies
On the Gemstone family compound, you can find a McMansion for each branch of the family: patriarch and megachurch leader Eli Gemstone (John Goodman) and his three children with their respective broods. There's a gun range and a militia's worth of private security guards.

Facebook policy opens a frightening new world
Tuesday's Democratic debate featured something we have never witnessed before on a presidential debate stage: 15 full minutes of open back-and-forth about how the government should contend with the increasing power of Silicon Valley.

A letter to Kurdish soldiers from a US military wife
Dear Kurdish soldiers,

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8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021

Apple's $7 trillion bet

British PM asked EU leaders for a Brexit delay. He also told them not to grant it
• Brexit blamed as airfares go into a tailspin

Japan's dream Rugby World Cup campaign ends
Japan's exhilarating Rugby World Cup run came to an end with a 26-3 defeat by South Africa in Tokyo.

Prince Harry opens up about tensions with Prince William
In an interview with ITV, Prince Harry acknowledges tensions with his older brother, Prince William, saying the two are on "different paths."

Mummies found in 30 ancient coffins
Egyptian authorities on Saturday revealed the contents of 30 ancient wooden coffins discovered in Luxor and yes, they include mummies.

A man who survived a week in his car at the bottom of a ravine has died, police say
A Missouri man who survived a week at the bottom of a ravine after his car went off the road has died, police said Sunday.

This high school football coach disarmed a student. Then he hugged him.
A high school football and track coach in Portland, Oregon, was celebrated as a hero earlier this year after he disarmed a student with a shotgun.

2 charged with poaching and selling 4,000 native Florida turtles in 6 months
Two men have been charged for poaching thousands of Florida turtles and selling them illegally, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder
Johnson & Johnson announced on Friday that it's initiating a voluntary recall in the United States of its popular Johnson's Baby Powder due to low levels of asbestos contamination.

The hotel that was built 32 years ago but never opened

Biggest ever Leonardo da Vinci show opens

Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender'



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