Monday, November 18, 2019
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A diplomat at the US embassy was taken aback at an overheard conversation between Gordon Sondland and President Trump. He'll give public testimony Thursday.
A diplomat at the US embassy in Ukraine told lawmakers last week he'd "never seen anything" like the call Gordon Sondland placed to President Donald Trump at a restaurant in Kiev, according to a transcript of his deposition released Monday night.

Holmes: Ukraine was aware of the quid pro quo

President suggested firing impeachment witnesses
President Donald Trump's aides have explored moving some impeachment witnesses on loan to the White House from other agencies, such as Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, back to their home departments ahead of schedule, according to people familiar with the conversations.

Pompeo declines to defend diplomats attacked by Trump
In his first briefing since the start of public hearings in the House impeachment inquiry, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to defend State Department officials who have been attacked by President Donald Trump.

DOJ inspector general scheduled to testify about Russia report
Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11 to discuss the findings of his report into the opening of the Russia investigation, Chairman Lindsey Graham announced Monday.

Watch Fox News hosts react to Yovanovitch testimony
CNN's Brian Stelter takes a look at Fox News' broad reaction to former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch's public testimony on Capitol Hill before the House Intelligence Committee.

Impeachment inquiry's first witness to testify again -- publicly
Kurt Volker, the former US special envoy for Ukraine who was the first witness to testify in the House impeachment inquiry, remains a key figure in Democrats' Ukraine probe as he prepares to testify publicly Tuesday.

Members expect fight over whistleblower when Vindman testifies
Lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee are bracing for a contentious flareup Tuesday when Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testifies because Republicans could ask him about his conversations after President Donald Trump's infamous July phone call with the Ukrainian President.

Trump administration knew in May Zelensky felt pressured to investigate Bidens
US administration officials knew as early as May 2019 that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky felt pressure from President Donald Trump's allies to conduct investigations that were politically useful to the American president.

Tillerson swipes at Trump: 'Using United States assets as collateral is wrong'
• Opinion: Calling witnesses 'Never Trumpers' won't save Trump • Fact check: Trump's 'Never Trumper' attacks • GOP senators downplay developments in impeachment inquiry

Doctor on Trump's hospital visit: It's worrisome
• Opinion: The President's puzzling hospital visit • Analysis: Why you can't trust the White House on Trump's health

Is Joe Biden actually underrated now?
• Swing state voter: I dislike Trump, but this is drastic • Analysis: Why Trump might have actually helped lose Louisiana governor's race

Swing state voter: I dislike Trump, but this is drastic
CNN's Miguel Marquez speaks with voters in Wisconsin, a crucial swing state, about how views of President Donald Trump have evolved as the impeachment inquiry heats up.

Analysis: Why Trump might have actually helped lose the Louisiana governor's race
To hear Rep. Steve Scalise tell it, President Donald Trump nearly won the Louisiana governor's race all by himself.

Supreme Court stops Trump financial documents from going to House
• Analysis: Why Trump won't release his taxes • Opinion: Two guesses why Trump moved to Florida

Patrick Frazee convicted of killing his fiancée
Jury deliberations began Monday in the murder trial of Patrick Frazee, a Colorado man accused of killing his fiancée with a bat last year.

Teacher arrested after fighting student
A Maryland high school teacher is facing assault charges following a fight with a 17-year-old student that was caught on camera, according to court documents.

Syracuse student after racist incidents: I don't feel safe
A student group has staged a sit-in at Syracuse University following a string of racist incidents. One student who says says she has personally experienced racist language on campus joins Anderson Cooper to discuss their protest and demands. Watch "Full Circle" weeknights at 5 p.m. ET.

Analysis: Why would Trump reverse US policy on Israeli settlements? Good question.
This was originally published as the November 19 edition of CNN's Meanwhile in America, the daily email about US politics for global readers. Sign up here to receive it every weekday morning.

Supreme Court denies 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli's fraud conviction appeal request
The Supreme Court on Monday denied "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli's appeal request over his 2017 fraud conviction, effectively upholding his seven-year prison sentence.

Graham faces heat from right-wing media

State Dept. official accused of padding resume resigns
A senior State Department official who appeared to have extravagantly padded her resume and to have touted a fake TIME ,agazine cover to bolster her standing has resigned, according to a letter obtained by CNN.

Fox files 'OK boomer' trademark application
OK, boomer. Ready for a trademark application war?

WeWork braces for mass layoffs this week
One month after WeWork's former CEO, Adam Neumman, received a massive payout despite all but running the company into the ground, more than 12,000 global staffers are bracing for mass layoffs this week.

Chick-fil-A will no longer donate to anti-LGBTQ organizations
Chick-fil-A is making major changes to its charitable foundation, ending donations to two organizations that have been criticized for being anti-LGBTQ.

See 'win a baby' contest's touching result
When Krista and Anthony Rivera had problems conceiving their first child, they turned to a radio contest that promised free IVF. Now they are a family of three. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports. Watch "Full Circle" weeknights at 5 p.m. ET.

Oxford Union under fire after security staff dragged blind student by his ankles
The Oxford Union -- a university debating society with many top British politicians among its former presidents -- has been criticized for its treatment of a blind student who was "dragged by his ankles" before being escorted from the debating chamber last month.

'SNL' reimagines impeachment hearings
The impeachment hearings were given a dramatic twist and Harry Styles hosted for the first time on "Saturday Night Live."

Malaria-fighting soup? School experiment leads to findings about homemade cures
It started out as a project for National Science Week at his children's British primary school -- a way malaria researcher Jake Baum could teach the kids the difference between a herbal remedy and true medicine.

Massachusetts man charged after 5-year-old son brings cocaine to school
A Massachusetts man pleaded not guilty Friday to drug possession and reckless child endangerment charges after his 5-year-old son brought cocaine to school.

NFL player appeals suspension after helmet-swinging brawl
Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett is appealing the indefinite suspension he received from the NFL after after he struck another player with a helmet, according to a source with direct knowledge of the appeal.

Kylie Jenner sells $600M stake in beauty company
Kylie Jenner is selling a majority stake of her popular cosmetics line for $600 million, but she's staying on as its creative leader.

UFC fighter announces retirement on ESPN show
UFC fighter Ben Askren, 35, announced his retirement Monday while on the ESPN podcast "Ariel Helwani's MMA Show."

Taylor Swift can perform hits at the AMAs after all
Everyone needs to calm down. It seems Taylor Swift can perform her hits, including those that were the subject of very public dispute last week, at the upcoming American Music Awards.

Minnesota Twins prospect Ryan Costello found dead in New Zealand
Ryan Costello, a prospect in the Minnesota Twins organization, was found dead in New Zealand at age 23.

Seriously ill kids couldn't play video games. He's bringing the games to them
At one point, Zach Wigal had 5,000 video games in his parents' basement.

Meet all of the CNN Heroes Top 10 who are making the world a better place
Prepare to be inspired: CNN has revealed the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2019 -- 10 men and women who are making the world a better place by helping families affected by tragedy, cleaning up the environment, protecting neglected animals, and so much more.

Vote here for the CNN Hero of the Year

Bizarre-looking shark resurfaced on camera after a trans-Atlantic adventure
It was an aquatic case of serendipity.

See why this incident is being called a 'miracle'
A close call was caught on camera when a box truck skidded on ice, flipped and nearly struck a state trooper helping a stranded driver on the side of a highway in Illinois.

Attorneys for women who say Jeffrey Epstein abused them slam Prince Andrew's interview
Attorneys representing women who say Jeffrey Epstein abused them criticized Prince Andrew Monday and urged him to speak to law enforcement amid growing backlash to the British royal's stunning BBC interview.

'The Crown' sheds light on life of Princess Alice, Prince Philip's tragic, heroic mother
Netflix's regal drama "The Crown" has shed light on the tragic, yet heroic, life of one of the lesser-known royals: Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Andrew Yang: As president, I will establish a Department of the Attention Economy
When I look back at my childhood, I remember riding a bike around the neighborhood and playing basketball with friends. But today, children are spending their free time on computers and smartphones more than they're riding bikes or playing ball. More than half of children ages 8 to 12 have their own tablet and a quarter of them have their own smartphone. Kids are getting hooked on apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and spending too much time on digital devices.

Lyft is pulling its scooters from cities across the US
Electric scooter enthusiasts in Nashville, San Antonio and Columbus, Ohio, will have one less brand to ride starting next week.

Jeff Bezos is no longer the richest person in the world
Bill Gates is back on top.

Stephen Miller has to go
Last week the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report that lays bare senior White House advisor Stephen Miller's support for white nationalism.

Prince Andrew interview is a PR nightmare and a national joke
In 2006, Prince Andrew invited Jeffrey Epstein to the 18th birthday party of his daughter Beatrice. Andrew didn't know, he claims, that an arrest warrant had been issued for Epstein earlier that year for sexual assault of a minor -- because Epstein had never mentioned it to him. (Even though the British royal family have numerous staff who vet guests.)

Democratic naysayers are dead wrong on Medicare for All
The American political debate over health care is absurd. Americans pay twice as much as any other nation for health care, and then are told daily that they "can't afford" to switch to a lower-cost system very similar to those of Canada and Europe. If President Donald Trump and the plutocratic Republican party were the only ones carrying this ridiculous message, it would be understandable. Yet this message is also coming from media pundits aligned with the Democratic Party and the most conservative wing of the party.

Trump's dangerous plan to make it easier to export assault weapons
Less than 10 days after six children and three women of a US family of were killed in Mexico, drawing national and international alarm, the Trump administration indicated it would move forward with a dangerous policy change that would make the types of weapons most likely used in that tragedy easier to export. The move seemingly skirts Congress and is counter to the apparent will of the American public. The change is tone deaf to today's needs and must be stopped.

Trump's magic is evaporating on the campaign trail
When Donald Trump campaigns on behalf of Republican candidates, there is little doubt he inspires his base to vote. But after two high-profile Republican gubernatorial losses in deep red states — Kentucky and Louisiana — it's worth asking if Trump's efforts are animating more people to vote for Democrats than Republicans.

Refi rates at 3.06% APR (15 yr). Do you qualify?

9 cards charging 0% interest until 2021

Apple's $7 trillion bet

US businesswoman: I kept Boris Johnson's secrets but he's fed me to the wolves
Jennifer Arcuri, the American businesswoman at the center of a controversy over whether Boris Johnson failed to declare a potential conflict of interest when he was Mayor of London, has said she has kept the Prime Minister's "secrets" and accused him of refusing to talk to her since he entered Downing Street.

Hunter eats wild rabbit, gets bubonic plague
Twenty-eight people are in quarantine in China's northern Inner Mongolia province after a hunter was diagnosed with bubonic plague Saturday, the local health commission said.

North Korea slams 'useless' US meetings
North Korea has said it is not "interested" in further meetings with the US, a day after President Donald Trump tweeted a message to the country's leader Sunday saying "See you soon!"

France returns historical stolen sword
As part of its commitment to return artifacts stolen during colonial times, France is returning a sword that belonged to a 19th century Islamic scholar and ruler in Senegal.

Rising floods in Venice threaten the city's architecture
CNN's Scott McLean reports from Venice, Italy, where rising water is raising concern for the city's architecture and threatening some of the its artisan workshops.

Doctors said boy wouldn't live past his second birthday. His town just threw a parade for his third
Brittany Stineman was told her son wouldn't make it to see his second birthday. But little Nash turned 3, and they celebrated by throwing him a birthday parade.

Bomb squad responds to smoking backpack on plane at Chicago airport
A backpack emitting smoke aboard a stationary Southwest Airlines flight on Monday drew a response from the bomb squad at Chicago's Midway International Airport.

How the El Paso shooting victims are fighting to get their lives back
Luis Calvillo was so eager to see his girls running and chasing soccer balls that when he came home after being hospitalized for months, he just took a shower and got in the car again.

A man shot his brother after mistaking him for a deer, police say
A man accidentally shot his brother while they were deer hunting in Michigan Saturday.

The Cold War spy plane that's still the world's fastest aircraft
During the Cold War, this plane could fly higher and faster than any other -- and 55 years after its first flight, it still does.

The hotel built 32 years ago (but never opened)
In 1987, ground was broken on a grand new hotel in North Korea's capital, Pyongyang. The pyramid-shaped, supertall skyscraper was to exceed 1,000 feet in height, and was designed to house at least 3,000 rooms, as well as five revolving restaurants with panoramic views.

The one item of clothing in every genius' closet
When the disgraced health entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was indicted on fraud charges for her lab-testing company Theranos last year, much of the media discussion rested not on her alleged corporate recklessness and staggering abuses of trust, but on her sartorial choices: black jackets, black slacks, and -- most importantly -- black turtlenecks.

Portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender'
On the Polynesian island of Tahiti, there is said to be something akin to a sixth sense -- one that belongs to neither men nor women. Instead, it is the sole domain of the "mahu," a community recognized as being outside the traditional male-female divide.

Rare color photos cast new light on WWII
Color film was rare in World War II. The vast majority of the photos taken during the conflict were in black and white, and color photography as a whole was still a relatively new technique.

How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse
Say "doomsday bunker" and most people would imagine a concrete room filled with cots and canned goods.

Kathie Lee Gifford's daughter Cassidy is engaged
Multiple wedding bells shall be ringing in Kathy Lee Gifford's family.



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