Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Maker to restrict flights, so pilots don't have to
An intelligence employee says he'd been drinking and was showing off his quadcopter to a woman before it landed at the White House. | NO DRONES AT SUPER BOWL

Planet-like body has rings 200 times as large
In 1610, Galileo first spotted enormous Saturn's gigantic rings. More than 400 years later, astronomers have in a sense dwarfed that discovery with a similar first.

ISIS links release of terrorist to lives of 2 hostages
A message purportedly from ISIS says a Jordanian military pilot it captured will be executed "immediately" if Jordan does not hand over a prisoner by sunset Thursday. | WHO IS SHE?

Ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez's trial opens today
As opening statements and testimony begin, will his fiancee's words help or hurt him? | HERNANDEZ'S RISE AND FALL | ATHLETES CHARGED WITH MURDER

Opinion: No headscarf, no scandal
Let's put an end to the discussion about Michelle Obama. She did absolutely nothing wrong, and the claim that her attire and performance created a firestorm in Saudi Arabia is false.

Boston Marathon finish line kept clear in blizzard
As more than 2 feet of snow fell in Boston, someone took it upon himself to keep the city's historic, tragic landmark visible.

Storm pounds Northeast states
The winter storm has passed for most of the Northeast, leaving behind feet of snow, as well as these amazing photos.

They went from lunch counter to chain gang
A South Carolina judge threw out the convictions of the Friendship Nine, who were jailed in 1961 after a sit-in protest in Rock Hill, South Carolina, during the civil rights movement.

Ruckus at cop-citizens meeting
An attempt to make changes in the relationship between citizens and police in St. Louis broke into a shouting and shoving match late Wednesday -- between citizens and police.

Body parts found in suitcase
Police answering a suspicious package call in San Francisco made a most unpleasant discovery when they opened a suitcase and found it contained human body parts.

Rare fox spotted in Yosemite
It's not every day that a fox sighting makes headlines. But when it's a once-in-a-century sighting of a rare Sierra Nevada red fox, it merits a mention.

Measles outbreak widens
California health officials said Wednesday there are 79 confirmed measles cases in the state.

Testing Tesla 'insane mode'
The YouTube channel DragTimes published a clip of passengers reacting to Tesla's "insane mode" which can accelerate a car from 0 to 70 mph in a few seconds.

Dry Xmas tree fueled mansion fire
A dry Christmas tree likely fueled a raging fire that destroyed a 16,000-square-foot Annapolis, Maryland, mansion, killing four children and their grandparents, a law enforcement official said Wednesday.

Machete attack caught on cam
An attempted murder is caught on camera, along with a confession. CNN's Brianna Keilar reports on the Idaho machete attack.

Pentagon picks new Air Force One plane
The Pentagon has chosen Boeing's 747-8 to replace the two aging planes that serve as the President's Air Force One fleet.

Actor charged with voyeurism
An American actor living in Canada has been arrested on voyeurism charges in Toronto, police said.

See handcuffed woman flee at 100 mph
A handcuffed woman led officers on a chase after she stole a police car. CNN affiliate WPXI has more.

Police: Mom cut kids' throats
A young mother in Washington state has been charged with attempted murder after authorities say she cut her children's throats in an attempt to keep them quiet.

Police: Parents feared apocalypse, killed family
The mysterious deaths of five Utah family members in their Springville home baffled authorities at first.

'We Are the World' at 30: Where are they now?
Thirty years ago Wednesday, more than three dozen stars -- many fresh from the American Music Awards -- checked their egos at the door and piled into a recording studio to record "We Are the World."

All-female 'Ghostbusters' cast chosen
The all-new, all-female Ghostsbusters are here.

Mom angry at anti-vaxxers
It's an unseasonably warm day in Oakland, California, a perfect morning for Jennifer and Dave Simon to take their baby, Livia, out for a walk. But her stroller sits idle, and Livia is stuck inside the house -- as she has been for nearly a month.

Does this photo prove jockey cheated?
After a questionable race photo surfaced, veteran jockey Roman Eric Chapa was accused of cheating and has been charged with unlawful influence on racing.

Oscar winner comes out

Brooke Shields: 'My new head shot'

Drone video shows scale of camp
Since its liberation in January 1945, Auschwitz has become a symbol of the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Map: Nazi death camps
The names of some Nazi concentration camps live in infamy: Bergen-Belsen, where Anne Frank died.

Photos: Liberation of Auschwitz

Photos: Super Bowl rings

Media to Marshawn Lynch: 'Why do you have to be a jerk?'
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch continues to refuse to talk to media ahead of the Super Bowl.

FAA: Super Bowl is no drone zone
Headed to the Super Bowl this weekend? Bring your money, foam finger and tickets -- heck, even bring your face paint -- but please leave your drone at home.

Opinion: NFL woes tainting game?
The "no fun" label for the NFL over its restrictions on touchdown celebrations is the least of the league's worries, says Mike Downey.

Backstage at a traveling circus

Girl, 8, saves rhinos with chocolates
Even two-tonne, spike-horned, armor-skinned rhinos need a helping hand sometimes.

'Shake It Off' cop strikes again
"Shake It Off" cop dances with handcuffed women. CNN's Jeanne Moos has the sequel.

'SNL' tackles Deflategate
"Saturday Night Live's" "Tom Brady" and "Bill Belichick" offer their explanation on the controversy over deflated footballs used by the New England Patriots.

Meet 9 mental wellness warriors

How do you know they won't kill again?
When Bill Stokes visits a cafe near the state Capitol, he admires one man behind the counter. To him, Chuck Petrucelly represents a life saved.

35 amazing sports photos

Asteroid flyby yields startling discovery
A treat is in store for sky watchers Monday, as a large asteroid will fly close to Earth.

Fantastic or no? 'Fantastic Four' rebooted
When you think of the "Fantastic Four," you likely don't think of grim, dark imagery.

'Millipede town' moves to avoid being swallowed
A huge hole has opened up in the earth. Thousands of people will soon be packing their belongings and moving on. In some cases, whole buildings will be dismantled brick by brick and carted off to a safer location.

Student suspended after altercation with teacher
A fight between a teacher and a student is caught on camera. CNN affiliate WPIX reports.

Fans call to #BoycottHershey after import ban
Chocolate buffs are clamoring for the Hershey Co. to "gimme a break" after the chocolate manufacturer reached a settlement with an importer to stop distributing British-made candy bars.

Alleged Russian spy lamented job not like 007's
The men would sometimes say they needed to meet to exchange tickets, but they never seemed to end up actually attending or discussing a sporting event or a concert.

Sam Smith will pay Tom Petty for hit song
Tom Petty has been given a songwriting credit for Sam Smith's hit song "Stay With Me."

Brace yourselves -- we're landing sideways
Planes attempt to land in dangerous cross-winds at Birmingham International Airport, UK.

Opinion: Nudity doesn't shock us anymore
In Paris on Thursday, fashion designer Rick Owens gave audiences quite a show when he sent male models down the runway wearing clothes with peepholes that offered a glimpse of the guys' formerly private parts.

'Doctor Who' star turns evil for Netflix series

Skier learning to live again after horror crash
Saturday's downhill at Kitzbuhel is the jewel in the World Cup calendar, the winner meriting legendary status in the alpine annals.

Missing spacecraft found after 11 years

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