Monday, October 24, 2016
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Trump 'didn't believe' in deportation in 2012
Just four years ago, Donald Trump took a drastically different position on what is now his central issue: deporting undocumented immigrants in the United States.

13 dead in California tour bus crash
At least 11 people are reported dead after a tour bus collided with a tractor-trailer near Palm Springs, California, early Sunday morning, officials said.

Poll: Clinton over Trump by double-digits
Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters, a new ABC News tracking poll shows.

'SNL' mocks last presidential debate
"Saturday Night Live" features a cold open that spoofs the final presidential debate.

Drone shot amid Dakota pipeline protests
Demonstrations against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline ramped up over the weekend, resulting in dozens of arrests and a highway closure, authorities in North Dakota said.

Mom holds separated twin for first time
In what can best be described as a bundle of cuteness, Nicole McDonald held her son Jadon alone for the first time in what she calls "one of the most profound moments of my life."

Swimmer thanks fan for cancer alert
Australian Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton has paid tribute to a fan who spotted a suspicious mole on the swimmer's chest and urged him to get it checked out.

Miley Cyrus knocks on dorm doors for Clinton
Take a look at the week in politics from October 16 through October 22.

2 injured when prison inmates set fires
Inmates at the Neuse Correctional Institution in Goldsboro, North Carolina set fires Sunday in a disturbance which led to the injury of one prison staff member and an inmate.

Suicide note found in blast; one dead, three injured
A man has been killed, and three people injured, in a gruesome explosion in a Japanese park on Sunday afternoon.

Hillary Clinton to campaign with Michelle Obama for first time
With mere weeks until Election Day, the Clinton campaign is committing considerable time to North Carolina.

Oprah on Clinton: 'You don't have to like her'
Oprah Winfrey appeared on the T.D. Jakes show to speak on her support of Hillary Clinton.

See Clinton play 'debate bingo' on 'SNL'
"Saturday Night Live" spoofed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's final presidential debate.

New Trump accuser says he kissed her, offered her $10,000
Another woman is publicly accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual contact, alleging the GOP nominee touched and kissed her a decade ago during a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

What are the super rich buying?

Your phone's a big reason why AT&T wants Time Warner
Why did AT&T, a wireless phone company, want to own CNN, HBO and Warner Bros.?

AT&T CEO pledges independence for CNN
AT&T has never owned a news division before. Now, assuming its $85 billion deal to acquire Time Warner passes regulatory muster, it will take control of CNN, one of the world's biggest news organizations.

Satellite to create artificial meteor shower
Ephemeral and poetic, shooting stars are among the world's most beautiful natural wonders.

US Navy commissions new combat ship
The US Navy has commissioned their newest littoral combat ship, the USS Detroit, in her namesake city of Detroit, Michigan.

Obama turns his wrath on GOP Senate hopefuls
His deep disdain for Donald Trump now long established, President Barack Obama is turning his arrows on Republican lawmakers stuck with the GOP nominee, landing Air Force One on their turf and unleashing a torrent of insults.

Trump urges supporters to vote in GOP Congress
Donald Trump on Sunday linked the successful enactment of his policy agenda to the election of Republican majorities in the House and Senate, one day after he outlined his priorities for his first 100 days as president.

British banker pleads not guilty to murder of 2 women
A former British banker has pleaded not guilty to the murders of two Indonesian women in Hong Kong.

Guard killed; 174 inmates escape prison
A manhunt is underway after 174 inmates escaped from a prison in Haiti following a riot during which one guard was killed, authorities said.

Fighters close in on ISIS-held Mosul
Iraqi forces have taken complete control of the Christian town of Hamdaniya, a commander said Sunday, in an ongoing operation to free the country's second city of Mosul from more than two years of brutal ISIS rule.

Clearing deadly trail left by ISIS
CNN's Michael Holmes reports on a team of soldiers who defuse bombs left by ISIS militants in Iraq.

Opinion: US needs to prepare for Putin election hacking
Next month, America will elect a new president. Most likely there will be no cyber hanging-chad moment, no massive breach that calls into question election results or faith in the democratic process.

Is this the new Cold War?
From Syria to Ukraine to hacking accusations, tensions between Russia and the US are rising. CNN's Matthew Chance explains how relations are changing.

Doing this can double your risk of diabetes
Drinking two or more sweetened drinks per day could greatly increase your risk of diabetes, according to new research.

6,900 refugees set for eviction
Tensions are high inside "The Jungle," a sprawling makeshift refugee camp in the French port town of Calais, where authorities were to begin evicting migrants Monday.

Is Goldman Sachs too cozy with the Clintons?
Hillary Clinton's close ties to Wall Street have been a sticking point throughout her run for president. In particular, the Democratic nominee has come under fire for giving paid speeches to big banks after leaving her post as Secretary of State.

Conway touts Trump's 'drain the swamp' message
Donald Trump's campaign manager pitched Sunday his new call to "drain the swamp" of Washington, even as she admitted Donald Trump trails in the race about two weeks from Election Day.

Conway: Media doesn't hold Clinton accountable
Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway spars with CNN's Jake Tapper over what she claims is unfair media bias given to Hillary Clinton.

Why Merrick Garland should keep hoping
Hillary Clinton refused to say his name during the presidential debates. But there is a strong chance she will seize it if she wins election.

Trump vs accusers: Who would win in court?
Donald Trump stated Saturday that he plans to sue the women who have accused him of groping and other sexual misconduct.

Mook: No evidence of Clinton pay-to-play
Hillary Clinton's campaign manager denied Sunday Republican charges of ethical concerns over the Clinton Foundation and Democratic activists' actions at Donald Trump rallies.

Reality Check: The week in whoppers
Here's a round-up of this week's whoppers from the campaign trail and the final presidential debate of the election:

What's streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu in November
November is for feasting, so why not do so on all the streaming content that's available?

Cubs advance to first World Series since 1945
Chicago Cubs fans have long been conditioned to expect the worst.

Super Bowl-priced tickets for historic World Series
The average asking price for the four games scheduled for Cleveland, including the series opener on Tuesday night, is about $3,900, according to ticket tracker TiqIQ. A ticket for a deciding Game 7, which would be played Nov. 2, could cost $5,000.

Hillary Clinton and the Chicago Cubs: It's complicated
Hillary Clinton, a lifelong Cubs fan, celebrated Saturday night when Chicago's long-cursed baseball team won a spot in the World Series for the first time in 71 years.

Whatever happened to Cubs fan Steve Bartman?
Chicago Cubs diehard Steve Bartman, who came to symbolize the team's crushing defeat in the 2003 National League Championship Series, was probably glued to the TV Saturday night.

What a shot! 38 amazing sports photos
Take a look at 38 amazing sports photos from October 10 through October 17.

Landon Collins lights up NFL's Twickenham bow
The NFL took its bow at the home of rugby Sunday and Landon Collins gave the capacity Twickenham crowd a moment to savor to help the New York Giants to a 17-10 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Comedian, actor found dead
Standup comedian and actor Kevin Meaney, who made numerous appearances on late-night TV has died, his agent said. Meaney starred in the CBS sitcom "Uncle Buck," which ran for one season in 1990.

'Perfect' Hamilton revives F1 title hopes with Grand Prix win
Lewis Hamilton revived his F1 world title hopes with an impeccable pole to checkered flag victory in the United States Grand Prix Sunday.

5,700 migrants rescued from sea in two days
Rescuers pulled 5,700 migrants and refugees to safety during dozens of operations Friday and Saturday in the Mediterranean Sea, the Italian coast guard said.

Millions of IP addresses used in cyberattack
Tens of millions of IP addresses were used to take down popular websites like Twitter and Netflix as part of a massive cyberattack on Friday.

Obama plans 150 down-ballot endorsements
President Barack Obama is taking an unprecedented step into down-ballot races in the final two weeks before the 2016 election.

Hillary Clinton is quietly reaching out to Republicans
Some surprise outreach from Hillary Clinton, a Paul Ryan survival guide, Donald Trump's new rally strategy and the GOP's search for bullpen help.

Trump: Babies and losers are running the country
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the country is being run by babies and losers during a campaign rally in Fletcher, North Carolina.

Trump says he'll sue sexual misconduct accusers
"Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign," Trump said Saturday.

Opinion: You won't have Trump to kick around anymore?
With Donald Trump escalating his "rigged election" rhetoric, many observers are wondering what will happen if he loses. Would Trump concede -- and what might his speech sound like?

Trump walks off interview after racism question
Donald Trump cut an interview with WCMH short when he was asked about criticism over his treatment of minorities and women.

The real point of Trump's Gettysburg speech
Everyone has been scratching their heads trying to make sense of Donald Trump's speech at Gettysburg on Saturday.

Time Warner deal is latest evolution for ever-changing AT&T
The 140 years between are a story of destruction, reinvention and constant evolution, and one of the most indelible names in American corporate history.

First woman to climb Mount Everest dies
Junko Tabei, the first woman to climb the world's highest peak, has died at age 77, according to Japanese media reports.

Zombies walk Mexico City streets
Enthusiasts take part in a zombie walk in Mexico City.

Chinese firm acknowledges inadvertent role in cyberattack
The hazard of having so many household devices connected to the internet is even more obvious after Friday's cyberattack.

Somali pirates free 26 hostages after nearly 5 years in captivity
Somali pirates have released 26 hostages after nearly five years in captivity, according to an organization involved in mediation efforts.

Mortar attack ends Aleppo ceasefire
Mortar fire from regime forces struck the al-Mashhad neighborhood of eastern Aleppo on Saturday evening as a three-day Russian-backed ceasefire came to an end at 7 p.m. (noon ET), according to the activist Aleppo Media Center.

Top LGBT GOP group won't endorse Trump
The Log Cabin Republicans, one of the country's most influential LGBT Republican groups, announced Saturday that it would not back the party's presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Bush v. Gore lawyer: Trump's dangerous nonsense
As the countdown to the November 8 election proceeds, one major party candidate continues his jihad against American democracy, twisting the knife ever deeper not just into himself and his unhinged quest for the most powerful position on the planet but into the very heart of our body politic.

Balancing the 2016 campaign with a new baby
CNN's Maeve Reston is covering her 4th presidential campaign but this is her first one as a mother.

25 years of Clarence Thomas: How he's changed SCOTUS
It's been almost a quarter century since George H.W. Bush left the White House, but perhaps his most lasting legacy lives on at the Supreme Court: Justice Clarence Thomas.

A fresh twist for New York's skyline
'The Eleventh' towers in Manhattan, New York, will have a rotating aesthetic that gives the appearance of movement.

Your dog smells you -- better than you think
One of the cheeriest genres of YouTube video compilations is that of dogs greeting soldiers returning home.

Report: Scrap $40B carrier program
With an aging air fleet and a shrinking Navy working overtime around the globe, US military officials say the world's most powerful fighting force is at an "inflection point" and needs a serious makeover if it wants to maintain that status now and into the future.

Cops: New video of Kim Kardashian robbers
A new video appears to show what police say are the suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery.

Hungarian revolution, 60 years on: How I fled Soviet tanks in a hay cart
Both mother and son held their breath. Concealed in a hay wagon, the pair had been warned to sit close to the surface in case soldiers thrust swords into the bottom of the stack checking for fleeing residents.

Clinton and Kaine target Senate's Trump supporters
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, campaigning together on Saturday for the first time since Labor Day, looked to punish Republicans for standing with Donald Trump, starting with Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey.

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