Friday, July 01, 2016
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Friend: Istanbul victim was trying to rescue son from ISIS
A doctor who was one of dozens of people killed at Istanbul's airport was trying to rescue his son from ISIS, a friend said.

U.S. and Russia to cooperate?
The Obama administration is considering a plan to coordinate strikes against terrorist groups in Syria with Russia if Moscow agrees to use its leverage with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop bombing U.S.-backed rebels, U.S. officials said Thursday.

Bergen: Why Russians are fighting for ISIS
Russians are the largest group of foot soldiers in the group from a non-Muslim majority country and they have also played a leadership role in the organization, write Peter Bergen and David Sterman

3-year-old is latest to die
A 3-year-old boy traveling with his aunts and an 8-year-old girl coming home to her father are among the 44 who died.

Feds: Stop driving these Hondas now
Nearly 70 million airbags in U.S. cars have been or will be recalled as part of a massive safety scandal enveloping Takata since 2014.

Navy: Failure at every level for ships captured by Iran
A report found that the 10 sailors captured by Iranians in January suffered from "failed leadership" at all levels on a mission that was plagued by mistakes from beginning to end.

Markets recover, but Brexit ain't over yet
It's the last day of the first half of the year. And it's been a wacky one on Wall Street -- especially the past week! So what now?

Rio gets bailout 36 days before Olympics
Rio de Janeiro finally got a federal bailout, with nearly a month to go before the Olympic Games start here.

Trump rips rivals who broke pledge
Donald Trump on Wednesday said his former Republican primary rivals who have refused to support him in November should be barred from running for public office again.

Christie being vetted for Trump VP, source says
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- a former Donald Trump rival turned top defender -- is being vetted as a possible running mate for the presumptive Republican nominee, a source confirmed to CNN on Thursday.

Bill Clinton meeting causes headaches for Hillary
A meeting this week between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton is creating headaches for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Poll: Clinton extends lead over Trump
Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by six points, 44% to 38%, in a Fox News poll of registered voters released Wednesday.

Sorority sister gets life for killing baby
An Ohio court sentenced 21-year-old Emile Weaver to life in prison without parole for the killing of her newborn child in April 2015.

Nancy Grace leaving HLN
Nancy Grace is leaving her network home of the past 12 years.

The best of Nancy Grace
From arguing with 2 Chainz about marijuana to the Casey Anthony verdict, a look at some of Nancy Grace's big moments.

Hubble spots dramatic auroras on Jupiter
The Hubble Space Telescope has captured images of glowing auroras over Jupiter just days before NASA's new Juno spaceship arrives to orbit the gas giant.

Giant spaceship heads into the unknown
A spinning, solar-powered spacecraft as wide as a basketball court will arrive at Jupiter on July 4 to study the giant planet and to take the highest-resolution images of Jupiter in history.

Barn fire kills 7,000 young turkeys
A barn fire at a Massachusetts turkey farm killed 7,000 young birds, devastating the company's potential Thanksgiving business, farm officials said Thursday.

Racist outburst on UK tram caught on camera
Three people were arrested after a video surfaced online of an alleged racial abuse incident on a Manchester tram

Antarctic ozone layer is gradually healing
The Antarctic ozone layer, which shields the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays, shows encouraging signs that it's beginning to heal, according to research published in the journal Science.

Hong Kong's future: Young guns versus old guard
Hong Kong police are on guard ahead of protests Friday to mark 19 years since the handover of the territory from British to Chinese rule.

New trial for accused killer in 'Serial' podcast
A Baltimore judge has granted a new trial for Adnan Syed, whose murder conviction was the focus of the first season of the popular "Serial" podcast.

Pulse nightclub gives $28K to out of work employees
After a gunmen murdered 49 people at the Orlando gay club earlier this month, a fund intended to aid Pulse employees has raised more than $50,000. About $28,500 of that was given out to 38 people on Thursday. (The club has 45 part-time and full-time employees.)

The tragic paradox of Obama's presidency
President Barack Obama was delivering a speech before a joint session of Congress when a white lawmaker jabbed his right index finger at Obama and called him a liar.

Brexit backer: I don't want to be UK PM
The race to become Britain's next prime minister took a surprise twist Thursday.

Pentagon drops ban on transgender troops
The Pentagon said Thursday it was ending the ban on transgender people being able to serve openly in the U.S. military.

Teens fired after asking about their unequal pay
A teenager says she was fired from her job, after asking her boss why she didn't make as much as her male coworker hired the same day.

Israeli-American girl fatally stabbed
A 13-year-old Israeli-American girl was stabbed to death in her bedroom Thursday morning in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said.

CNN to host town hall with House Speaker Ryan
CNN is set to host a town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan in New York City on Tuesday, July 12, just days before the Republican National Convention.

Why is this building being censored?
German architect Ole Scheeren has been transforming Asian skylines with his signature geometric style for over a decade.

Nike dress causes stir at Wimbledon
When it comes to the rules about clothing at Wimbledon, it sounds so easy: stick to predominantly white.

Hollywood grande dame to celebrate 100th birthday
She was pretty and demure, and usually played sympathetic heroines with ladylike airs in a movie career that spanned three decades.

More plastic than fish in oceans?
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has become the stuff of legend. This hotspot of marine waste, created by the spiral currents of the North Pacific Gyre, has been described as a floating trash island the size of Russia.

New research: Malaria vaccine effectiveness fades
The United States eradicated malaria by spraying mosquito breeding grounds with DDT in 1951, roughly two decades after most of Western Europe eliminated the disease.

Holocaust escape tunnel discovered
The Jewish prisoners used spoons and their bare hands to dig the tunnel in Lithuania's Ponar forest during World War II, hoping it would lead them to freedom.

What's the No. 1 killer of Americans?
Heart disease is the No. 1 killer, followed by cancer. But the CDC has good news about mortality in the U.S.

Body parts found near Olympics site
With just 38 days to go before the Rio Olympics kicks off, the situation in the host city just went from bad to worse.

Message in a bottle: 'This is Hell'
The handwritten letter relays a desperate message: "S.O.S. Please help me."

What's streaming on Netflix, Amazon in July
Admit it: It's too hot to go outside.

Miss Teen USA ditches swimsuits
After 33 years, the teenage beauty pageant decided to get rid of its swimsuit competition.

Dad hilariously re-creates daughter's sexy selfies
"You're so hot!"

Millions of dollars found in buckets
Authorities found millions of dollars stashed inside buckets hidden in attic walls, along with drugs and a gun, during a search of a home in the Miami area.

Americans spend half a day staring at a screen
The average American spends nearly half a day staring at a screen.

Google wants a smart crib for your baby
A description of the invention states that various sensors and cameras will be embedded into different parts of the smart crib to keep track of things like the weight and movements of a child, as well as the room's temperature or carbon monoxide levels.

Dear Facebook, more news please?
You recently changed your algorithm to make posts by friends and family appear higher in news feeds, which basically means news feeds won't have as much actual "news" prioritized in them.

Apple wants to block your phone camera
Apple really doesn't want you to record videos where it's forbidden.

Is your hand sanitizer safe?
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are everywhere these days, and the Food and Drug Administration wants to know more about them. It requested more scientific evidence Wednesday to prove that hand sanitizers are both safe and effective.

Michael Phelps qualifies for record fifth Olympic Games
Michael Phelps qualified for a record fifth Olympic Games by claiming victory in the 200m butterfly at the U.S. Swimming trials in Omaha, Nebraska.

Reluctant singer stuns with anthem
An impromptu song at Lincoln Memorial gives goose bumps. CNN's Jeanne Moos introduces us to the latest viral singing sensation.

Warren: I'll be Hogworts professor
There's an American school of witchcraft and wizardry in Massachusetts, according to "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants her to know she's very available for a top teaching gig -- with some lessons from her duels with Donald Trump.

Surprising summer threats to your dog
Summertime means fun in the sun, and dog owners often include their pets in outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, camping and running in the park or even on the beach.

Samantha Bee skewers Trump, Brexit
Late night host Samantha Bee took shots at Donald Trump over his recent comments about the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom.

College grads are getting nearly all the jobs
Got a college degree? Then it's much more likely that you could land a job in the economic recovery.

Amazon promises 100,000 deals for Prime Day
Amazon is at it again. It has scheduled its second annual Prime Day sale for July 12.

3-D tech opens up a world of art for the blind
3D Photoworks creates tactile art for the blind to experience in museums

Ex-NFL player accidentally kills self
Former Indianapolis Colts running back Zurlon Tipton died of an accidental gunshot wound. He was 26.

Strawberries and cream -- a Wimbledon tradition
What two things are quintessentially English and as cosy as America and apple pie?

Asteroids could threaten Earth
The threat of deadly asteroids hitting our planet is real, according to Asteroid Day, an organization hoping to stop a future catastrophe.

How Iceland's heroes inspired a nation
He's just won a presidential election -- now he's targeting the European Championship finals.

Shark gives 'virgin birth'
A leopard shark at the Reef HQ Aquarium in Australia has given birth to three offspring without contact with a mate.

Lindsey Vonn can't get a date
Lindsey Vonn wants to start a family but says she needs to find a guy first.

World's most extreme custom cars
The world's most daring one-of-a-kind cars aren't always made in the rarefied autos plants of Europe.

Actor tells Black Lives Matter critics to 'sit down'
During his acceptance speech at the BET Awards, Actor Jesse Williams spoke in opposition to Black Lives Matter critics.

Duterte inaugurated as Philippines president
Rodrigo Duterte has been sworn in as the Philippines' 16th president, but the traditional "honeymoon" stage for the tough-talking, anti-crime crusader has already soured.

From teen pimp to father of ISIS
ISIS, perhaps the most feared terrorist group in the world, traces its short history to a man who was a prison gang leader, a high school dropout and an alleged teenage pimp.

Stevens' sister blames Benghazi on ...
The sister of the U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi said she doesn't blame Hillary Clinton for Chris Stevens' death, instead pointing to Congress for under-budgeting the State Department.

Lisa Marie Presley divorcing again
Lisa Marie Presley is reportedly ending her 10-year marriage to musician Michael Lockwood.

I'm a Latina 'Trump girl'
Miriam Cepeda is probably one of few -- a 24-year-old Latina and a self-proclaimed "Trump girl" on the South Texas border -- and she wants you to know it.

How did airport attackers get past security?
The deadly assault by three suicide bombers on Istanbul's Ataturk Airport once again shows the difficulty in averting terror attacks.

Video shows attacker detonating bomb
Surveillance video from inside Istanbul's Ataturk Airport appears to show one of the attackers falling to the ground then detonating a bomb. CNN's Clarissa Ward reports.

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