Tuesday, July 07, 2015
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Bill Cosby admitted to getting drugs to use on women for sex
From TV dad to accused sexual predator | Photos: Cosby's accusers | How will we remember Cosby?

How Greece got into trouble
Forget Greece; worry about China | Should Europe save Greece? | Advice for tourists | Will fed delay rate hike?

Suspect: I killed woman on pier
The man accused of killing a San Francisco woman in what appeared to authorities to be a random shooting has told CNN affiliate KGO-TV that he he did it, but that it was an accident.

Obama: We'll starve ISIS of cash
President Barack Obama offered an update on the military mission against ISIS on Monday, emphasizing the long-term nature of the effort and the importance of local forces and stable governments as keys to stopping the terror group's rise.

One dead in ice cave collapse
One person was killed and four others were injured when an ice cave collapsed Monday in a national forest in northwest Washington.

Welcome to the Romney primary
Mitt Romney, the man Republicans were so quick to dismiss after his failed 2012 presidential bid, is suddenly in high demand among his GOP colleagues.

What's next in S.C. flag flap
Interest isn't flagging in removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina statehouse grounds.

At least 14 dead in Kenya attack
Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for an attack on a residential building in Kenya's Mandera County, a spokesman said Tuesday on the militant group's radio station.

'Can't Buy Me Love' star dies
Actress Amanda Peterson, best known for her role opposite Patrick Dempsey in the 1987 move "Can't Buy Me Love," has died, her mother, Sylvia Peterson, said.

Man lights firework on head, dies
A 22-year-old Maine man was killed when he attempted to light a firework on top of his head. CNN affiliate WABI reports.

FSU QB booted after punch
The moment captured on camera escalates quickly.

'Ocean's Eleven' producer dies
Jerry Weintraub, the high-powered Hollywood mogul whose career included promoting Elvis Presley concerts, producing the "Ocean's" movies and spinning larger-than-life tales, has died, according to his publicist. He was 77.

Same-sex kiss seals World Cup
Before tonight, Abby Wambach had everything but the World Cup.

5 things to know for today
Bill Cosby admits getting drugs to give to women. South Carolina lawmakers vote on the Confederate flag. And this is the deadline for an Iran nuclear deal.

Fans hurt in NASCAR crash
Debris from a car that crashed into the catchfence at Daytona International Speedway sent a spectator to the hospital, officials said.

World's oldest woman turns 116
Attributing her longevity to "sleep," clean living and positive energy, the world's oldest living person celebrated her 116th birthday Monday.

Baby drifts to sea, parents unaware
A 10-month-old girl drifted hundreds of yards out to sea after her parents said they forgot about her before being rescued.

London remembers 7/7 bombing

From Balloon Boy to heavy metal

The girl whose picture helped end the Vietnam War
Even without the benefit of context, the image of a naked 9-year-old girl running for her life is as searing and indelible today as it was 43 years ago.

Dozens linked to Indian corruption probe are dead
TV journalist Akshay Singh had spent about an hour talking to the family he had traveled to central India to interview when he started losing consciousness.

Bible would fit on the tip of a pen
Scientists have etched the 1.2 million characters of the Old Testament onto a disk no larger than the head of a pen.

Swimming with docile giants
It's 6 a.m. and nearly 100 tourists are gearing up excitedly on the beach at Oslob.

Surfing plumber pipes world's biggest waves
Andrew Cotton first entered the water as a child to help treat his asthma. Now he's famous for his breathtaking battles with the forces of nature.

Nude sculpture so small it's 'walking on hair'
She could stand on a strand of human hair, with room to spare.

CNN gets Clinton's first national TV interview

Ted Cruz's favorite talking point: money

GOPer jumps into race to succeed Reid
Republican Rep. Joe Heck on Monday launched his campaign to take back Sen. Harry Reid's Senate seat, after the top Senate Democrat announced in March he would not seek reelection.

Netanyahu: 'Worse and worse' deal with Iran

Christie hits Paul on national security
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie once again has his sights trained on Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Is Billy Joel too old for this?

World Cup: Is women's soccer just better?

Bergen: How terror rules America
It's Monday, July 6. And, yep, pinch yourself because you are still alive, as are more than 300 million other Americans.

What an Iran nuke deal must never do
The deadline for an agreement on Iran's nuclear program is rapidly approaching.

The hypocrisy of outrage over Donald Trump

Fake security driver takes $75K from Walmart
Police are searching for a suspect who they say took over $75,000 from a Bristow, Oklahoma, Walmart by posing as an armored car driver. CNN affiliate KOKI reports.

FBI: Inmate fathered 5 kids with prison officers
CNN's Randi Kaye brings to light the corruption in a Maryland prison. According to the government, one inmate fathered five children with four different officers while in prison.

Video shows plane crash on crowded beach
A 12-year-old boy is in a hospital after being hit by a small plane that crashed onto a crowded California beach. CNN affiliate KFMB reports.

Top moments from the Women's World Cup final
Even a dog watched the U.S. win the Women's World Cup. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a World Cup overflowing with fun moments.

In moments, this suspect would be dead
A grand jury ruled that an officer's use of deadly force was justified after a suspect pulled out a BB gun during an arrest. CNN affiliate KLTV reports.

Stunning images of Earth snapped by astronaut
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has captured several amazing photos of Earth while aboard the International Space Station.

Shark flips kayaker into ocean
A fisherman caught more than he gambled for off the Florida coast. Thankfully, he lived to tell the tale.

CNN granted access to Secret Service training
CNN's Jim Acosta sits down with Director of the Secret Service Joseph Clancy to talk about his new role, and opening up the doors to show off its training facility.

Did Chris Pratt predict the future back in 2010?
See a "Parks and Rec" outtake from several years ago of actor Chris Pratt joking that he would star in the "Jurassic Park" movie franchise.

Brother of pier victim: She had 'the biggest heart'
CNN's Anderson Cooper spoke with the brother of Kathryn Steinle, the woman who was killed walking along a San Francisco pier.

THREE celeb weddings over July 4th weekend
Celebrity couples show their patriotism and marry on America's birthday.

Hillary Clinton corrals the media
Over the July 4th holiday weekend, viral photos show reporters roped in at a Hillary Clinton campaign event.

Who does Prince George look like at Charlotte's christening?

Photos: Princess Charlotte charms admirers
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, the daughter of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William,

Meet the world's newest king

Why being 'spare to the heir' matters
As the world follows Princess Charlotte, Victoria Arbiter Brown talks about other spare heirs, including King Henry Vlll and Queen Elizabeth's father.

Fun and fireworks for the 4th

Efron shows off his selfie 'swag'

At home with Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo is the subject of a new book containing never-before seen pictures of the late painter's private life.

38 amazing sports photos
Take a look at 38 amazing sports photos from June 23 through June 29.

Breathtaking ruins of the Soviet shuttle

Man mocks gators, jumps in, dies
A man who apparently mocked alligators, then jumped in the water -- despite warning signs -- is dead after being attacked in Texas.

Fidel Castro appears in public
It's rare for Fidel Castro to appear in public. But the 88-year-old former Cuban President recently said cheese -- literally -- as state media cameras snapped his photo.

Hillary Clinton to talk to CNN

See F-16 fighter blast flying drone from sky
The Royal Danish Air Force released video of an exercise involving an F-16 fighter jet shooting an unmanned aerial drone with guided missiles.

Don't be 'that' person at a concert
CNN's Lisa France breaks down your guide to summer concert etiquette and how to have a good time, while not ruining everyone else's.

How injured Dave Grohl did show
The Foo Fighters had to cancel a European tour last month after lead singer Dave Grohl broke his leg, but they were back in fine form on July Fourth.

The week in 43 photos

Amy Winehouse demos destroyed
Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at age 27, with only two studio albums to her name. The troubled singer recorded demos for a third LP, but those tracks will never be heard -- since they were destroyed by David Joseph, chairman/CEO of Winehouse's label, Universal Music U.K. "It was a moral thing," the exec told Billboard. "Taking a stem or a vocal is not something that would ever happen on my watch. It now can't happen on anyone else's."

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