Friday, January 18, 2019
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The special counsel's office, in a rare statement, says BuzzFeed's characterization is 'not accurate'
Special counsel Robert Mueller's office is disputing a BuzzFeed report that President Donald Trump directed his then-personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the proposed Moscow Trump Tower project.

BuzzFeed: Sources say Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about proposed Moscow project
President Donald Trump personally directed his longtime former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project, two federal law enforcement officials involved in an investigation of the matter told BuzzFeed.

Reporter with checkered past comes back with Trump story
Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier, two reporters for BuzzFeed News, may have just scored the scoop that, if it is ultimately confirmed, irrevocably changes the course of the Trump presidency. If so, it will represent for Leopold the apex of a comeback from a troubled personal and professional past.

Opinion: Impeachment inquiry is the right idea right now
I ran into a senior Democrat in the US House of Representatives while traveling Thursday night. After introducing myself and telling this member about my work as a political analyst and historian, this person asked me the question that seems to be on almost everyone's mind: Is it time to impeach President Donald Trump?

Sarah Sanders speaks out after BuzzFeed story
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders rejects a BuzzFeed News report that says President Donald Trump personally directed his longtime former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow Trump Tower project.

CNN analyst roasts Trump, GOP for hypocrisy on religion
CNN analyst Philip Mudd criticized President Donald Trump's tweet where he discussed prayer rugs that were found at the southern border.

Cooper: Rudy Giuliani is gaslighting on collusion
After President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said he could not say if members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russians, CNN's Anderson Cooper questions whether Giuliani was getting ahead of special counsel Robert Mueller's next move.

Trump plans to make offer to end shutdown Saturday, not declare national emergency, official says
President Donald Trump plans to offer Democrats another proposal to end the shutdown when he addresses the nation from the White House on Saturday afternoon -- what officials are describing as his third offer to end the shutdown, according to a senior administration official.

Opinion: The revealing words Trump said about Pelosi's trip
I can almost understand President Trump's decision to ground Nancy Pelosi and her traveling delegation.

Susan Pompeo's travels during shutdown anger some diplomats, sources say
At a time when most State Department staff weren't allowed to travel for work and some weren't even allowed to use their work phones, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's wife Susan embarked on an eight-day trip with her husband, requiring unpaid staffers to prepare and support her across the Middle East.

What TSA is telling key officials to say about the shutdown
Top Transportation Security Administration management has instructed key agency officials at airports around the country to not make details public about how many officers are missing work due to the partial government shutdown, according to an internal email obtained exclusively by CNN.

Stalled shutdown talks leave Trump cold
A year ago, President Donald Trump was spending a holiday weekend in the South Florida sun, making morning excursions to his golf course and passing warm evenings on the patio of his estate as a the sound of a piano wafted in the breeze.

Fact-checking Trump's move against Pelosi
Over the past few days, the political gridlock that's led to the longest government shutdown in US history has devolved into a tit-for-tat between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump.

Ex-president orders pizza for Secret Service during shutdown
Former President George W. Bush called for federal lawmakers to "put politics aside" and end the government shutdown in an Instagram post Friday that showed him giving pizza to his Secret Service detail.

Lawmakers lambast Pentagon climate report
Hurricane Florence ravaged Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina in September, leaving behind an estimated $3.6 billion worth of wreckage. But there's no mention of that in a new Pentagon report detailing the impact of climate change on the defense department.

House panel wants answers on Trump's 'zero tolerance' family separation policy
A House panel sent a letter Friday to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar requesting he turn over documents related to the administration's "zero-tolerance" policy that led to the separation of families apprehended along the southern border.

Ex-Chicago cop sentenced to 81 months for killing Laquan McDonald
[Breaking news update, published at 6:31 p.m. ET]

Nashville police officer who shot black man in the back indicted on murder charge
Nashville Police Officer Andrew Delke has been indicted on a charge of first degree murder, prosecutors said, after a video showed him shooting a man in the back as he ran away.

Storm to dump snow and ice on millions
A series of storms moving across the country will bring significant snow and ice to the north and heavy rains to the south Friday and into the weekend.

Another newscaster uses racial slur in story on MLK
For the second time in less than two weeks, a local television newsperson has used a racial slur while talking about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Late night mocks Giuliani interview
Late-night hosts take Rudy Giuliani to task over his confusing comments on possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

These are the Americans killed in Syria
Four Americans -- an Army chief warrant officer, a Navy chief cryptologic technician, a Defense Department civilian, and a contractor -- died in the suicide bombing in Syria this week.

Model says she has election meddling intel
Belarusian model Anastasia Vashukevich claimed to have insider knowledge of Moscow's attempts to meddle in the US elections was deported from Thailand, an immigration official said. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Mom sues after her disabled daughter gets pregnant
A Florida woman is suing her daughter's former health care provider and three of its employees, alleging the developmentally disabled 23-year-old was raped, impregnated and suffered physical injuries while in their care.

Ocasio-Cortez targets Trump in her first House speech
In her first House floor speech, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says that the government shutdown is an "erosion of American democracy."

R. Kelly's ex-manager surrenders to sheriff
James Mason, the former manager for singer R. Kelly, surrendered to authorities in Georgia on Friday, law enforcement officials tell CNN.

Olympic medalist diagnosed with cancer

The female athletes speaking out about skating's culture of abuse
The nervous 18-year-old sits picking furiously at her nails.

Vogue confuses journalist for actress
Vogue magazine is apologizing after misidentifying Muslim-American journalist Noor Tagouri as Noor Bukhari, who is an actress from Pakistan.

She is a pop culture star, but a UFC joke

$252 million star is sick of being hated

Molly Ringwald crowns a new teen queen
Molly Ringwald's name is synonymous with the '80s and teenage angst.

US holds journalist as material witness
Marzieh Hashemi, an American anchor working for Iran's state television, is being held in the United States as a material witness and has not been accused of any crimes, a court document shows.

Rap star's expletive-filled rant perplexes Dems
To retweet or not to retweet...Dems conflicted over raunchy Cardi B rant. CNN's Jeanne Moos watches her language.

Second Trump-Kim summit announced
The White House announced Friday that a second summit will take place between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in February.

Ford unveils most powerful street-legal car ever
At the Detroit Motor Show, Ford unveiled the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with more horsepower than can be found even in its GT supercar.

Netflix is burning through cash. This can't last forever
Netflix is winning the streaming wars by burning staggering amounts of cash.

The problem with Netflix's viewership numbers
Netflix typically keeps its viewership numbers a secret, but the company offered the public a rare glimpse of how some of its original programming fared in an earnings report that came out on Thursday.

Netflix reveals how many subscribers it has
Netflix is quickly approaching 150 million subscribers.

Show sparks wave of 'Tidying Up'
Netflix released the series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo," a minimalist home/life improvement show based on the wildly popular 2014 book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and starring the book's author, Japanese organization expert Marie Kondo.

Marie Kondo doesn't really want you to throw away your books
Bibliophiles can turn the page on being mad at Marie Kondo now.

Big US banks made more than $120B in profits last year
You wouldn't know it from watching their stocks, but the biggest US banks just had a banner year.

CEO gets a raise to $31 million
JPMorgan Chase raked in a record profit last year, and chief executive Jamie Dimon is getting a pay hike.

The role women play in the success of their billionaire husbands
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie recently announced their 25-year marriage is ending in divorce.

Divers filmed swimming with legendary great white shark
A great white shark, believed to be one of the largest on the planet, has been spotted by divers as it fed on a whale carcass off the coast of Hawaii.

Gas explosion rocks university campus
A gas explosion during renovations on the roof of a building at the University of Lyon in France caused an evacuation and three people to sustain minor injuries.

How pilots land when they can't see the runway
It's been a smooth flight, and you've spent it engrossed in a juicy novel on your tablet. You barely noticed the captain's announcement about a half-hour ago that "we'll be starting our descent into Vancouver in a few minutes," and that "there are low clouds around the airport."

The week in 20 photos
Take a look at 20 photos of the week from January 11 through January 17.

More than 1 million people subscribe to this electric toothbrush startup
It started with a trip to the dentist.

Her company wants you fitted with the right bra - at home
Heidi Zak thought she was going to revolutionize the way women buy bras. But two years after she launched her company, ThirdLove, she was still trying to attract customers.

DNA technology is helping police solve cold cases
In the summer of 2017, hikers found skeletal remains on the side of a highway outside of Baltimore.

What Vogue did to Noor Tagouri tells a bigger story
"Oh my God, I'm freaking out!" screamed Noor Tagouri in an Instagram video as she opened up the latest issue of Vogue. The magazine featured Tagouri in a full-page color photograph and the journalist was eager to see herself in print. Within moments, however, Tagouri was freaking out for another reason. The photograph was there, but it misidentified her as "Noor Bukhari" -- a Pakistani actress who also wears the headscarf.

My husband puts his life on the line for the US. Why can't Congress do its job?
At times when my husband used to go out in the depths of the night, to surveil a house or execute a search warrant or do whatever else FBI agents do, my stomach would clench with worry.

The Pences' stunning moral hypocrisy
Karen Pence, the wife of America's vice president, Mike Pence will be teaching art at a Christian school in Virginia that bans LGBTQ children and requires employees to declare their religious beliefs. Like a real-life setting for "The Handmaid's Tale," Immanuel Christian School insists applicants initial a pledge to "live a personal life of moral purity."

Women's March is mired in exclusion
I still get chills remembering how hopeful I felt marching, chanting down the streets of Los Angeles alongside hundreds of thousands of women during the first Women's March in 2017, knowing that millions more women were marching across the nation. At last, it felt like women were standing up, demanding their voices be heard, demanding full equality. And that day, for the first time in my life, I felt women in America recognized our collective power.

Pelosi welcomes Trump to the big leagues
On Wednesday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced President Donald Trump, and her expanded Democratic caucus, to the big leagues.

Bryan Cranston, quadriplegic? Wake up, Hollywood
In the newly released movie "The Upside," Bryan Cranston plays a quadriplegic billionaire who befriends an ex-con-turned-caretaker. Cranston, an able-bodied actor, has been sharply criticized for accepting the role of a disabled character. However, Cranston has defended himself -- calling it a "business decision."

How to save 20% on your mortgage payments

Fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt

Motley Fool issues rare "Ultimate Buy" alert

Gladys Knight slammed for Super Bowl gig
Gladys Knight's decision to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl has stirred controversy.

'Black Monday' yields poor return
"Black Monday" squanders an impressive portfolio of assets, starting with its cast of Don Cheadle, Regina Hall and Andrew Rannells. A peculiar series that uses the historic stock-market crash of Oct. 19, 1987 as its backdrop -- and mystery -- the Showtime comedy doesn't entirely go bust, but as a viewing proposition, offers a poor return on investment.

#MeToo helping 'Surviving R. Kelly' resonate
There was a moment at a press conference this week when Faith Rodgers was asked what she'd want to say to R. Kelly if he was watching.

Cardi B is worried about the shutdown
Cardi B is upset and worried. And she wants the world to know.

Cleaning New York's filthy harbor with one billion oysters
The New York Harbor for years has been polluted and depleted of marine life. But one nonprofit is working to clean the murky water and revive its long-lost ecosystem — one oyster at a time.

Microsoft invests $500 million in affordable housing
Microsoft is investing $500 million to make homes more affordable in the Seattle area, making it the latest major tech company to wade into local housing issues.

Hitachi shelves $20 billion nuclear power plant in UK
Hitachi has shelved plans for a $20 billion nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom, raising questions over future energy supplies in the country.

SpaceX won't develop Mars spaceship at LA port
SpaceX has abandoned plans to open up shop at the Port of Los Angeles.

This tech is transforming business travel
If you travel for business, you've likely interacted with artificial intelligence (AI).



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