Monday, September 26, 2016
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Super Bowl-sized audience could tune in to debate
Trump and Clinton face off tonight at their first presidential debate, a battle emerging as the most hotly anticipated moment in modern US political history.

Do debates change a presidential race?
John King is at the magic wall to explore when presidential debates affect the outcome of a race. And when they don't.

Slain gunman leaves 9 hurt
Police are responding to a shooting in southwest Houston, Texas, a police dispatcher told CNN. An emergency alert from the city said the shooting scene is believed to be contained to the area of a shopping center, but warned residents to avoid the area.

Aleppo has become a 'ghost city'
Everyone is waiting for a way out of Aleppo, says 28-year-old Monther Etaky, a graphic designer who lives there.

Syria ad flaunts Aleppo's nightlife
A recent video from Syria's state news agency boasts about Aleppo's thriving nightlife, but it's a far cry from what life is really like in the war-torn city.

Wells Fargo workers: Fake accounts began years ago
Almost a dozen Wells Fargo (WFC) workers told CNNMoney that practice of employees opening unauthorized accounts to meet unrealistic sales goals has been around much longer than the bank has acknowledged.

Marlins pitcher dies in boat crash
Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández has died unexpectedly, the team announced Sunday.

MLB no stranger to young losses
America's pastime has lived its share of tragedy over the years but Miami Marlins pitcher José Fernández's death in a boating accident feels different.

5 things to watch at the debate
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off for the first time on the debate stage Monday night, the biggest moment of the already extraordinary 2016 presidential race.

What time is the debate?
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take the stage Monday night for the first presidential debate, due to be broadcast live most everywhere.

Biggest blunders made in past debates
CNN's Gloria Borger looks back at past debate mistakes among former presidential candidates.

Consider waiting to get flu shot
The pharmacy chain pitches started in August: Come in and get your flu shot.

4 news groups call Trump a liar
On the weekend leading up to 2016's first presidential debate, four news organizations came to a similar and sweeping conclusion: Donald Trump lies more often than Hillary Clinton.

Bridgegate: Officials planned to make 'traffic jam as bad as possible'
Former Port Authority executives and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie staffers planned to make the traffic from the September 2013 lane closures at the George Washington Bridge "as bad as possible," according to testimony heard in federal court Monday.

Harry Reid calls Donald Trump 'a racist'
Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called Donald Trump a racist on the Senate floor Monday, an escalation in the Nevada lawmaker's war of words against the GOP presidential nominee in recent weeks.

Suspect confesses to mall killings, police say
Arcan Cetin, the suspect facing five counts of murder in a Washington state mall shooting, has confessed to the killings, police say.

Charlotte police shooting: What happens next
After nearly a week of protests in Charlotte, the Queen City has returned to near normal after officials had enacted both a state of emergency and a curfew following protests over a fatal police shooting.

Charlotte police release video of Keith Scott shooting
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released bodycam and dashcam video four days after a shooting incident that left 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott dead.

FBI data: Violent crime up from last year
Last year saw an increase in violent crime -- including murder -- compared to 2014, according to new data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday.

Trump's tax plan could hike taxes on middle and low-income families
Batchelder estimates that roughly 20% of households with minor children and more than half of single parents could end up paying more in taxes than they do today. These groups include about 25 million adults and 15 million children.

Obama dons hat, blanket during Tribal Nations ceremony
President Barack Obama ignored his own "no hats" edict Monday when he partook in a traditional American Indian ceremony in Washington.

Presidential Debate: Rules and format
The lights will come up, the debate will begin, the first question will go to Hillary Clinton.

Calais 'Jungle' to be dismantled
French President Francois Hollande says the controversial makeshift camp known as "The Jungle" in Calais will be completely dismantled.

Copter crashes during joint US, South Korea drills
The US and South Korean navies put on a show of force in the Sea of Japan on Monday, the latest in a string of displays of military might in response to North Korea's testing of nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles.

Lawmaker wants hijab banned from passport photos
A Swiss politician, who's spoken out against burqas and the construction of minarets, now wants hijabs banned from passport photographs.

Iowa and Wisconsin hit with evacuation orders
Evacuations and curfews have been enacted in parts of Iowa and Wisconsin as flood threats from swollen rivers and creeks continue to cause panic.

'The King' of golf dies at 87
Arnold Palmer, known as "the King" for his transformative legacy in golf, has died at the age of 87, according to the U.S. Golf Association.

McIlroy: Arnold Palmer leaves lasting legacy
Rory McIlroy, FedEx Cup champion, talks about the death of legendary golfer Arnold Palmer.

Glenn Beck apologizes to listeners for backing Ted Cruz
Glenn Beck, a staunch Ted Cruz supporter in the 2016 GOP presidential race, interviewed the Texas senator Monday in a series of often-tense exchanges, after Cruz finally endorsed GOP standard-bearer Donald Trump.

Polls: Trump, Clinton in virtual tie in CO and PA
Just one point separates Clinton and Trump in two states that are critical to both candidates' chances of becoming president, according to new CNN/ORC polls in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

Is 2016 the 'lesser of two evils' election year?
CNNMoney was in swing states Florida and Ohio talking with voters about the economy and the election. The most common theme: people don't like either candidate.

Student suspended after posting photo of dirty water
When Hazel Juco noticed the water in her high school restroom looked like urine, she snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump launches 'Crooked Hillary' Snapchat filter

Team Trump: We didn't invite Gennifer Flowers
Donald Trump's campaign manager and running mate said Sunday the GOP candidate doesn't want Gennifer Flowers -- who had an affair with Bill Clinton in the 1970s -- at Monday night's presidential debate.

Opinion: Why tonight can clinch the election
Monday night's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is shaping up as the climactic moment of this presidential campaign -- one that will re-shape the landscape until Election Day.

They can't say that on a debate stage -- or can they?
Name-calling has been the norm this political season, but it's unclear what salutations Hillary Clinton and Donald will use when they meet face-to-face Monday night. Past debates have usually featured a degree of formality and respect above harsh campaign trail rhetoric.

Opinion: Clinton needs Obama
Not coincidentally, Barack Obama has delivered what historians may judge the most important — and inspiring — speech of his presidency at the critical juncture of an election that in all likelihood will determine the future of America for generations.

3-year-old lost in wilderness for 3 days
3-year-old Tserin Dopchut survived alone in a Siberian forest for three days before being rescued.

What do non-protesters across Charlotte think?
For days, the loudest voices emerging from Charlotte have been the hundreds of protesters filling downtown every night.

Jane Pauley taking over "CBS Sunday Morning"
On his final edition of "CBS Sunday Morning," Charles Osgood introduced his successor, former "Today" show co-host Jane Pauley.

Crowd turns its back on Clinton for group selfie
At a recent campaign event, Hillary Clinton climbed on a box to address a room packed with young people. But instead of facing the Democratic presidential nominee, the audience turned their backs on her en masse.

N. Korea threatens to wipe out Seoul
South Korea's defense minister said elite troops are on standby to assassinate Kim Jong Un if the country feels threatened by North Korean nuclear weapons. CNN's Paula Hancocks reports.

Blood test could improve treatment for depression
A new blood test could help doctors tailor treatments for depression by identifying which drugs will be most effective in each patient.

New law will make it harder to get police body-cam video
Videos released by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department of the fatal encounter between officers and Keith Lamont Scott could be the last such footage that North Carolina authorities share with the public.

What if North Korea's missiles come from underwater?
The US and South Korean navies took to the seas Monday with a message for North Korea: Think twice before you threaten us.

Last armed conflict in Latin America is finally ending
A conflict that lasted over five decades. An estimated 220,000 people killed. Five million displaced.

Airline captain is 26; her copilot, 19
When it comes to glass ceilings in the aviation industry, 26-year-old Kate McWilliams hasn't just smashed them -- she's flown above them.

Duel between 2 rattlesnakes caught on camera
An Arizona man discovers two rattlesnakes in his backyard fighting for dominance.

Will and Kate take the kids to Canada
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are visiting Canada with their two young children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Can Mexico's supercar compete with the best?
When you think of famous car-producing nations, the odds you thought Mexico would be nil at best.

Bacteria may help you lose weight
The diversity of the bacteria living in your feces is linked to how much fat you have in your body, according to a new study.

New on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu in October
Fall into your couch, bed or wherever you like to chill, because things are cooling off.

Erin Andrews to miss 'Dancing With the Stars'
Tom Bergeron will be performing solo Monday night.

No one else in White House has this kind of access
Chief official White House photographer Pete Souza is known for his coverage of President Obama's administration, but he first worked for government in the Reagan years.

New car sparks internet outrage
It's small, purple -- and some find it offensive.

Why there is backlash over this new car
Cosmopolitan and automaker SEAT face backlash after launching a new vehicle designed for women.

101-year-old gets one last ride on a Harley
Ray Weser is 101 years old, soon to be 102. If living for more than a century isn't cool enough, he's also a veteran and a life-long Harley Davidson lover. (He even worked for the company for 24 years.)

FIFA scraps anti-racism task force
FIFA has come under criticism for disbanded its anti-racism task force after soccer's world governing body said the body had "completely fulfilled its temporary mission."

When jazz stopped being cool
"Jazz is dead."

Assad critic's passport confiscated in Britain
An award-winning Syrian journalist and prominent critic of President Bashar al-Assad says Britain's Border Agency confiscated one of her passports at the request of the embattled Syrian regime.

What celebrities want to ask Clinton and Trump
What would you ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if you were moderating the first presidential debate Monday night? Celebrities, writers and other newsmakers pose their questions on subjects including criminal justice, foreign policy and immigration. The views expressed are the writers' own. Share your question ideas in the comments section or @CNNOpinion.

Debate coach: Expect an Olympic battle of wits
These presidential debates, which start Monday, will be like no others. The primary debates had more viewers than any in history, and featured trash talking, loud audience booing, candidates mocking each other, shouting matches, and body parts bragging. And those were just the Republicans.

How Lester Holt is prepping for the debate
Lester Holt has called on several NBC News colleagues for advice as he prepares for the biggest night of his career.

Opinion: Why Hillary Clinton has an edge
If you tune into the news these days it would be easy to conclude that the presidential race is too close to call and that it's all going to come down to what happens in the debates that start Monday. But that would be missing the point. The fact is that the likely outcome of this election was set in the spring and nothing major has changed since then to alter it.

When Romney trounced Obama
The sheer panic Democrats felt in 2012 after Mitt Romney demolished Barack Obama at their first presidential debate in Denver can't be overstated.

3 in custody after 3 bodies found
A 17-year-old girl is missing and believed to be in danger after police found three bodies at the home where she lived in Southern California.

Opinion: Fernandez was one of baseball's brightest stars
The "old-timers" were the ones Major League Baseball's players and fans expected to be saying goodbye to in this, the 2016 schedule's final week before the playoffs — David Ortiz, the 40-year-old slugger of the Boston Red Sox; and 88-year-old Vin Scully, the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers; and oh, how wonderful both are still with us to do what they do, and oh, how much we wish neither needed to leave.

Terror group leader mocks army, parents
Boko Haram's embattled leader, Abubakar Shekau, appears in a new video to deny reports of his death and to taunt the parents of the nearly 300 school girls the group kidnapped from their boarding school in 2014.

Russia's actions barbarism, US says
Top UN officials have separately described the Syrian regime's brutal offensive against areas of the besieged northern city of Aleppo as "barbaric."

Opinion: Why we can't have great presidents anymore
It's now been 70 years since the death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America's last undeniably great president. And if this year's presidential campaign demonstrates anything, it's that the American public's expectations and aspirations for another genuinely popular, let alone great, president has for now gone the way of the dodo.



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